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Anthony Lee - Jan 01 2020

Buying Guide 

The proper type of lighting in a room helps in creating the overall feel of a room and how we perceive textures and colors in a certain space. Your house is your oasis after a long day and the lighting should reflect that. We have made a list of the top 3 things you should consider before purchasing lighting for your home.

1. Room Size

How big is the room? This is the most crucial step to choosing correct lighting. You need a light that will emit enough light for all areas of your room while still providing the right ambiance, fit for relaxation.

For a general calculation:

1) Multiply the width of the room X length of the room X 1.5 = Total Minimum wattage needed (assuming 8 foot ceiling).

NOTE: If a room needs more light then multiply by 2.5.

2) Then divide by 60 to get the number of 60 watt equivalent bulbs required.

3) Add up the wattage on each bulb on each fixture to see how many light fixtures/sources you will need.

2. Does It Fit In?

Your light fixtures should follow the theme of your current décor (or if you are redoing your décor- what it will be!). This is true for not only style but color choice. So if you have a glamorous dining room with rich colors and patterns, traditional style lights or an elegant chandelier might be your choice. But if your bedroom is more minimalistic, choosing more a modern or contemporary piece would be more appropriate.

Not sure what style your room is? No problem, Read our Design Style Guide!

3. Lighting Layers

This is something that many people don’t notice when they walk into a well-designed room… but they feel it. Having multiple layers of light (different sources) in one room is a MUST for creating the warm feeling of symmetry. There are three types of light to take into consideration: Ambient Light, Task Lighting and Accent lighting. Although not all of them are always necessary, using a combination of these layers will surely create not only a comfortable place to spend your time, but a beautiful one.

Its as easy as 1, 2 , 3! 

 By following this guide for any room you'll not only have a home that looks good but feels good too. Have questions? Feel free to contact us and we would be more then happy to assist you!